The Biggest Sportsbooks in Vegas

The Biggest Sportsbooks in Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the top spots for sportsbooks. Whether you wish to watch baseball, football, hockey, or any other obscure sport, there are plenty of betting opportunities in Sin City. You can find sportsbooks at some of the top name hotels as well as in more remote places located off the strip if you prefer to avoid the crowds. The sport you wish to watch and the number of free drinks you wish to score could have something to do with where you decide to spend your money. Here’s a look at the top 5 sportsbooks in Vegas for you to do your betting.


Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is known as one of the larger sportsbooks in Vegas. It offers 6 large screen televisions as well as personal televisions at each table for everyone to customize what they watch based on their needs. One of the largest benefits of this venue is the ability to watch a large variety of sports at once while still having luxury along with short waiting periods. Typically, when a large sporting event is going on, you will find a great, passionate crowd at Caesars Palace.



Bellagio is not just known for its poker tournaments; you can also find a luxurious sportsbook venue here. People that frequent the Bellagio for their sports betting do so because of the luxurious accommodations. There are plenty of tellers available at this venue; however, you should be aware of the crowds this venue draws for large sporting events. Always show up early on those days if you plan on getting a good seat in the house.



The Venetian sportsbook might seem barebones compared to something like the Bellagio, but the incredibly sized televisions make up for the lack of décor in this venue. The Venetian offers a free sportsbook, which makes it a popular place to spend time, which can make seating a bit of a challenge during popular sporting events. The largest benefits of this venue is its capability of showing more than 30 games at one time and the ability of patrons to make their bets right on their Smartphones, which means no getting up to make bets.


MGM Grand

The word “grand” in MGM Grand should give you an indication of the splendor that this sportsbook has to offer. As the hub for all MGM Resorts, this sportsbook has plenty to offer betters. You can always find plenty of excitement going on here, especially during big fights, which the MGM typically hosts. Due to the incredible size of this venue, you often get more betters, which means larger spreads and more money being passed around.


Westgate Las Vegas

Westgate Las Vegas is located just one block from the strip and boasts the largest sportsbook in the state of Nevada. With more than 400 seats and numerous televisions, there is something for everyone at this sportsbook venue. Typically, you will find your most passionate, aka loudest, fans at this venue, making for an exciting time as you watch the games you bet, especially during football season.


Las Vegas makes sportsbook betting as exciting as it gets with its large amount of venues to choose from. Whether you prefer the luxurious accommodations of the Bellagio or the passion of the Westgate, you can find that and everything in between in Vegas. Wherever you go, make sure you show up early if you want a good seat for the large sporting events as some of the most passionate sports betters spend their time at the sportsbooks in Las Vegas.