Sportsbook in Vegas That Still Offer Free Drinks

Sportsbook in Vegas That Still Offer Free Drinks

What’s more exciting than watching your favorite sports game? Betting on them of course. Las Vegas sports books are the place to be if you want a thrilling night of watching your favorite games and matches. What’s even more exciting are the comped or free drinks that come along at some of these establishments. Although free drinks are a little harder to come by than back in the day when just sitting in a sportsbook would guarantee you as many free drinks as you want, you’ll still find a few that offer complimentary drinks for using their betting service. The key is to know the best strategies to getting your drinks for free. The free drink scene in Vegas has changed significantly over the past few years as many sportsbooks altered their free drink policy to requiring drink tickets. These are usually given out sparingly by ticket writers. (However, a tip goes a long way in getting more than one). Let’s take a look at the best Las Vegas sports books to receive free drinks.


The Mirage

The Mirage is notorious for having loose drink tickets. However, you need to catch a ticket writer in the right mood. If you’re horse betting, then you’ll find drink tickets much easier to get than other types of sports betting. If you are betting on other types of sports, then a tip to the ticket writer should do the trick to receive a few free refreshments. An added bonus to betting at The Mirage is their new ultra-high definition televisions.


Treasure Island

At Treasure Island, getting free drinks is slightly more complicated as it is the sportsbook supervisor who is in charge of comping drinks. If you’d like a free drink, then you’ll have to ask the ticket writer who will then direct you to the supervisor. That being said, supervisors at the TI are known to be very friendly and will likely be more than willing to hand you a few free drink tickets as long as you’re actively betting.



If you don’t mind going off the strip, then WestGate is a haven for sports betters as the world’s largest sports book. It is also many people’s first choice when it comes to getting free drinks. WestGate is one of the last places that don’t use the drink ticket system no matter which type of sports you’re betting on. As long as you have your betting tickets visible, you’ll score free drinks all night long.


South Point

South Point has a sportsbook that uses the drink ticket system. However, you’ll find comp drink coupons to be very easy to come by. There’s no minimum bet requirement for obtaining drink tickets whenever you want, all you have to do is ask. An added bonus is that if you don’t want to wait around for your cocktail waitress to come by then you can head to the Del Mar Lounge and they’ll accept your free drink tickets.


Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget also uses a drink ticket system. If you’re betting on horses, you’ll find getting free drinks to be extremely easy. On the other hand, you’ll find varied success if you’re betting on other sports games. It’s recommended that you ask your ticket writer after placing a bet and make sure to choose your ticket writer carefully as their looseness with the drink tickets vary. One of the perks of going to the Golden Nugget is that their free drinks comes in a large 16-oz. cup instead of the smaller ones that are the norm everywhere else.