6 of the Wackiest Pre-Game Rituals in Baseball

6 of the Wackiest Pre-Game Rituals in Baseball

In the world of sports, baseball is the wildest game there is when it comes to superstition. The Major Leagues have been around for nearly 150 years, and during that time superstitions have spread to every corner of the game. In fact, some of the best baseball players ever to have played had some of the wackiest pre-game rituals. When things are going well for baseball players they tend to stick to their routine in order to keep up the good luck, and when things take a turn for the worse it means a change in ritual is needed. Here are six of the craziest pre-game rituals that baseball players have been involved in.


Peeing on Hands 

Both Jorge Posada and Moises Alou were considered old school in the arena of hitting due to the fact that they did not want to wear batting gloves when they were up to bat on the plate. Instead, they had a very gross pre-game ritual of peeing on their hands before every game, as it was believed to toughen them up. You can’t say they weren’t being organic; however there is some evidence that peeing on hands actually does the opposite, as pee contains urea, which is used in many kinds of moisturizers to keep skin smooth. Whether or not Moises and Jorge were batting with baby smooth skin is up for debate, however there is no doubt that this was a pretty gross routine, especially for those who had to touch the ball after them. 


Eating the Same Breakfast Every Single Day

Stan Musial gained 24 All-Star selections during his baseball career, which is something that only a select few have achieved. However, he attributes this accomplishment to his daily ritual of eating the exact same breakfast every day that he had a game. He believed that his routine of eating an egg then eating two pancakes followed with one more egg was the key to his success.


Not Speaking to the Pitcher 

Baseball has been around forever, which means that some of the baseball players with the weirdest rituals were around a long time ago—namely almost 120 years ago. Cap Anson retired his baseball career in 1897 but was the baseman for the Chicago White Stockings (later known as the Cubs). He had a pretty peculiar pre-game ritual of refusing to talk to the starting pitcher on his team. Even when everyone was celebrating a winning game, Anson refused to even look at his team member.


Not Washing The Batting Helmet

Craig Biggio is a member of the 3,000-hitter club and has the most hits in the modern era of baseball. He attributes this claim to fame to his somewhat stinky head. Biggio refuses to wash his batting helmet ever. You can pick him out from a crowd by his muddy, dirty and probably pretty smelly helmet.


Wearing a Thong

Jason Giambi has had his name tied to the Major League for a very long time. He is a gifted hitter, however just like any baseball players, he goes through the occasional hitting slump. What does he do to get himself out? Wear a thong of course! Not just any type of thong either, as Giambi believes that wearing a golden thong is the golden ticket to winning a game.


Chugging Gravy

One of the weirdest pre-game rituals around belongs to the Orioles. They won the National League Pennant in 1894 and won 24 of 25 games during that season. Many Orioles players believed that their winning streak had to do with their very strange ritual. This ritual would involve every single teammate waking up at the crack of dawn and chugging an entire glass of gravy for breakfast. It seemed to work out well for the players since a 24 out of 25 game streak in the National Leagues isn’t too shabby.